Innovative Products

 Enpower Energy Products

Enpower Energy Products

We get pretty energized about creation. As a result, it's our chief desire to share this out-of-the-box affinity with all of our energy partners through consistent and high quality OEM, ODM and proprietary patented productions.

Integrated Solutions

 Enpower Energy Solutions

Enpower Energy Solutions

No matter where we find ourselves on the supply chain of energy, we've all got something in common: we need energy. For your next green, renewable or security application be sure to choose a solution from the experts.

The Company

Our Nantong Headquarters is strategically located in the best foreign investment zone and deep water port of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone.

Our German Sub-Company (Enpower Energy Deutschland GmbH) is based just outside of the Black Forest.

With branch offices in China, the USA and Australia, Enpower Energy Corp. is constantly expanding our horizons to deliver innovative energy storage solutions to the world. 

The Crew

The Enpower Energy team is comprised of dynamic individuals who are always considering new and strategic partnerships to better serve the energy market, reduce waste and increase independence.

Let's grab a coffee or sip some tea at the next Expo to discuss partnership possibilities.

  • Vancouver Intellect 2014

  • Shanghai SNEC Expo 2015

  • Munich Intersolar 2015

Alternatively we'd like to hear from you by email via our contact form. Maybe you could pay a visit to our Nantong, HQ.

The Choice

Discover the many ways Enpower Energy Corp. captures, stores & delivers energy.

From small residential or off-grid energy needs; to mid-sized commercial and telecom applications; to large-scale industrial, government or micro-grid projects Enpower Energy has innovative products & solutions which are ready for immediate shipment & installation.

Out team of experts would be happy to get your customized application and quotation sorted out as quickly as possible.